Designed by the region's deserts valleys, the Wadi is an open public space designed for pop-up activations and unique retail offerings. Lying 5.5 meters below street level, The naturally cool airflow attracts passersby and participants.


Nestled among the other anchor buildings is what could possibly be one of KAFD’s best-kept architectural secrets, the Grand Mosque. Inspired by the desert rose native to the Arabian Peninsula and created by Omrania, the mosque has a unique geometric structure that dazzles from all angles. When viewed from ground level, it appears to burst from the earth and pierce the landscape, while the roof resembles a rose in full bloom when viewed from the top of the surrounding skyscrapers.


The PIF tower's design is inspired by the crystals found in the wadis of Saudi Arabi's desert. It creates an internal openness allowing natural light to flow inside the workspaces while a high-performance solar control system moderates the intense light and heat. External layers of fins, gantries and perforated panels provide shade, amplifying the thermal efficiency of the triple-pane unitized glazing. Together, these devices minimize solar gain and allow internal cooling loads, reducing HVAC requirements. Electrical energy is reclaimed through a photovoltaic array installation on the tower's roof.


KAFD Conference Center is inspired by Saudi Arabia’s desert landscape. Defined by its bold structure, it features an organic faceted profile that connects the building with the surrounding terrain. As one of the largest conference centers in Riyadh with an area encompassing at 28,000 sqm, this state-of-the-art building is a multi-purpose event hall featuring a 600-seat auditorium, a banquet hall, multiple executive boardrooms, several outdoor plazas, striking vertical gardens, and an AMC cinema. With sustainability as a key consideration when building the center, KAFD was awarded a much-coveted LEED Gold certification for its environmental stewardship. Blending functionality with aesthetic excellence, the KAFD Conference Center is both a visual marvel and a seamless extension of the angular desert landscape.


Defined by six of the tallest and most iconic towers in the district, including the tallest skyscraper in Riyadh, the Financial Plaza occupies 430,000 sqm of state-of-the-art office space. Designed by Henning Larsen, its four enormous fans constitute the recognizable signature feature. In keeping with its name, the plaza is reserved for financial institutions including banks and funds , and offers occupants and visitors exclusive dining and retail options, as well as a designated area for networking.